ARS and Daily Fresh

ARS and Daily Fresh

Insecticide ARS

Aerosal Insecticide

Ars aerosol insecticide is best in jet nozzle make easy to handling and spraying, Ars can eliminate Mosquito, Ant, and Cockroach by wide angle spray together with effective to 4 weeks.

Packaging: 600ml 12pcs/cartons


Very Sticky Glue for trap a rat without toxic Rectangular shape for more efficiency trapping at corner areas

Packaging: 80gm 24pcs/carton


Coil Insecticide

Packaging: 72box/carton

Continuously burning exist 7 hours. Extra formula can be repellent both Aedes and Anopheles mosquito.


Electric Insecticide

Easy to use. Continuous efficiency to repellent mosquitoes for 12 hours.It cost only 13 satangs/any.


Air Care Daily Fresh


Combination of floral fragrance. Let you refresh your sense.

Packaging 300ml and 250ml 12pcs/carton


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