Royal and Ayo Bird Nest

Specially selected natural genuine bird’s nest and sterilize with Highest Quality.
We grantee that no preservatives and coloring and very suitable for diabetes

Natural genuine bird’s, clean hygienically, no artificial flavors or colors, no preservatives.

Packaging 250ml 24 bottles/carton, 110ml 48 bottles/carton, 150ml 24 bottles/carton

Three Lady Cooks Brand

Packed Freshly No Preservative No coloring Thai canned Food Packaging 155g,100 cans /carton / 190g,48 cans/carton

Sponsor Sport Drink

Sponsor Sport Drinkis a functional beverage with a special formulation and combination of ingredients. It has been specially developed for times of increased mental and physical exertion. In addition, Sponsor vitalizes the body and mind. Sponsor's effects are appreciated throughout the world by top athletes, busy professionals, active students and drivers on long journeys. Packaging: 250 ml cans, 24 cans cartons


Song Heng

Good quality vegetables, Good Taste, Ready to eat Packaging: 350gm of Green Mustard 35 packs/carton, 200gm of Green Mustard 72 packs/carton 454gm of Garlic and Ginger 24bottles/carton



Zale Zale White + * Skin Whitening * Moisturize & Anti-Aging * Sun Protection * Make-up foundation * Remove dead cell from * Skin surface * No ammoniated mercury * No hydroquinone Packaging: 5g 48doz/carton. Zale Pomade * Reduce dandruff * Disinfect * Light fragrance Packaging: 45g 12doz/carton * Non-greasy texture * Smelling fresh * Looking natural all day. Zale Oil Nice fragrance * Life & non-greasy * Nourishing * Moisturize Packaging: 55g 32doz/carton

ARS and Daily Fresh

Insecticide ARS Aerosal Insecticide Ars aerosol insecticide is best in jet nozzle make easy to handling and spraying, Ars can eliminate Mosquito, Ant, and Cockroach by wide angle spray together with effective to 4 weeks. Packaging: 600ml 12pcs/cartons Raticide Very Sticky Glue for trap a rat without toxic Rectangular shape for more efficiency trapping at corner areas Packaging: 80gm 24pcs/carton Coil Insecticide Packaging: 72box/carton Continuously burning exist 7 hours. Extra formula can be repellent both Aedes and Anopheles mosquito. Electric Insecticide Easy to use. Continuous efficiency to repellent mosquitoes for 12 hours.It cost only 13 satangs/any. Air Care Daily Fresh Spray Combination of floral fragrance. Let you refresh your sense. Packaging 300ml and 250ml 12pcs/carton

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